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July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017
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Brake Service Tacoma Washington

Unusual Brake Repair Service  or braking behaviors should suffice as a warning that one of the most virtual systems on your car is malfunctioning. It’s all too common  for drivers to ignore noises or irregularities for too long. Yet you may end up in a place where your car requires a break service that is often at a point where it is a bigger problem. Even worse, the car is unable to stay in an  situation that can cause a car accident. Nonetheless, automotive brake have a very important safety job.

The most common  issues of Brake Noise

1. Brake Pads

Brake noise can be caused by vibrations within any part of your car’s braking components. Different noises coming from the brake pads can often be fixed with common brake lube, if this still does not fix the issue and there are no other worn or damaged parts, replacing the brake pads can get rid of the noise.

2. Brake Caliper

The caliper is where the brake pads are located and it applies the forces to the brake pads that allows your car to come to a complete stop. Therefore, if the calipers are not properly lubricated, they can cause brake noise. Replacing worn slides, pins or bushings which operate within the calipers can also  help eliminate brake noise.

Common Drum Brake Issues

1. Drum Brakes Self-Adjust

During the history  of their life, drum brakes are designed to self-adjust as they wear out, this ensures continued performance and safety . However, if the self-adjusting components of your drum brakes have stopped adjusting, then your brakes will wear out unevenly and the parts will need to be replaced faster. You best way to tell if the parts are worn as you will experience a low pedal. 

If the self-adjusting components of your brakes are over adjusted, the brake lining can wear out too quickly as the brakes are pushed too far and drag against the drum. You may be able to diagnose this issue because your brakes are making unusual noise, or your rear wheels lock up. 

2. Drum Brakes Lock Up

If there is an There might be a issue with your cable which does not respond when released. You can easily check the condition of the hand brake cable from under the car, without having to dissemble the brakes. 

The wheel cylinder of your drum brakes may also be stuck, causing your wheels to lock. The wheel cylinders can become glued open due to corrosion inside the brakes from dirty brake fluid, and this causes the brakes to push against the drum even when you have released the brake pedal. 

There are many other issues that can cause your brakes to become worn out. When looking for brake repair service make sure you visit Phil’s Auto Care located in Tacoma Washington.


Brake Repair Service

Brake Repair Service