Engine Diagnostics Near Tacoma
July 13, 2017
Car Shocks Repair Near Tacoma WA
Shock Repair Near Tacoma
July 13, 2017
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Engine Diagnostics Near Tacoma

engine diagnostics Near Tacoma

From the very beginning of  car history , car electrical diagnostics has been used  to determine whether power has been used for lighting, power-train and a many other accessories.  With today’s, modern vehicles using  multiple computers and  on board electronics and all manner of gadgets from a current greedy starter down to the smallest computer chips  that communicate when to fire an airbag during a car accident.

Like most automobile owners , you’ve added lighting, custom stereos , or some other electrical gadgets to your car and maybe struggled with the installation or been perplexed  by some electrical issue that you have to troubleshoot. Generally, vehicle car wiring is steady,such, solid electrical connections that can survive these long-term conditions will make your life safer and easier. But when the Car electrical diagnostics can be done on your own it’s time to bring it into Phil’s Auto Care located in Tacoma Washington.

Car Electrical Diagnostics

Car Electrical Diagnostic

Whether you’re adding a new electrical part or fixing a old one you can count on Phil’s Auto Care to have you covered.  Sometimes your  simply trying to troubleshoot an electrical issue, some basic knowledge of electrical theory and practice can be life saver. There are two basic properties our mechanics  deal with when looking into your cars  electrical systems: current and voltage. Voltage (volts) is the electrical potential, and can be compared to the water pressure in a tank. The greater  the voltage, the more energy we can typically supply. Thus, a fully charged battery or correctly functioning  alternator will provide brighter lights than will an failing  electrical source. Current (amps) is a measure of electrical flow through a conductor and can be compared to water flow in a pipe. Increased flow capability means that higher energy is available at the long part of your wiring path.

When searching for electrical issues in your car, there are several places you should look first.  Besides the heat and cold vibration, electrical components  can be stressed and exposed to contaminates such as water, dust and salt. Old mechanical connections are usually the biggest problem that we see hear at Phil’s auto Care.  If you are experiencing electrical issues with your car do not hesitate to call us for a free estimate.

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