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July 13, 2017
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July 13, 2017
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Clutch Repair Near Tacoma

Clutch repair near Tacoma is found in both automatic and manual transmission automobiles. The big difference is that a clutch in a manual transmission is under the drivers direct control, in contrast with automatic transmission the clutch handles itself.
Most drivers don’t know that a manual transmission has more than one clutch. And most drivers don’t realize that automatic transmissioins have a clutch. A lot of other things have clutches also, like chain saws, cordless drills and even yo-yo’s

Sooner or later clutches act up and it will need a repair job.  Normally when auto mechanics work on any sort of transmission job, it is a two man job  because of the weight and complexity of the part. Just like any other auto repair job the more complex the part or component , the more like the repair job can go wrong. There is a lot of training to is involved to be a proper mechanic so instead of doing the job your self you should take it to a professional repair shop like Phil’s Auto Care located in Tacoma Washington.

The clutch in your car is a regular maintenance part and should be replaced as part of your regular service schedule. . When you are working with the clutch is best to know how it works and exactly where it is located in your car. When the clutch stars to fail you will start to feel, smell and hear different problems which are not normal.

What goes wrong?

Grinding of gears is the most common problem. When you push the clutch pedal down it should disengage the clutch which allows you to put the automobile into gear or be able to change gears.  If the lining material comes apart which is common it will jam up your clutch and not allow the disc to freewheel within the pressure plate and flywheel. This issue wil cause the gears of your transmission to grind and your clutch must be replaced. Be assured that the mechanics at Phil’s Auto Care will be able to solve all your clutch problems. Call us today for a free estimate!



Clutch Repair Near Tacoma

Clutch Repair Near Tacoma



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