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When Tacoma car owners ask how often their oil should be changed, you may hear answers such as every 3500, 5000 or 8000 miles, or when the car’s oil monitor indicates that this service is ready. It is no wonder car owners  are perplexed. The best answer. well, there is no best answer! In fact, there is no set rule that applies to most cars.

AMRA/MAP has been looking into  this question for a while. Keep reading on how to find out what we feel every Tacoma car owner needs to know about this subject.

The car engine is the  heart of your automobile, so replacing its oil based on the manufacturer’s recommendation is perhaps the single most important thing that you can do to keep your cars’s engine running longer. However, you must read these recommendations carefully  to determine the correct interval; the interval that matches your cars operating conditions and the individual car owners driving habits.

The regular interval listed in the car owner’s manual applies to vehicles driven under ideal conditions. While you may consider your driving habits and operating conditions quite regular, make you look  the fine print. Some differences to regular normal driving include:

Oil Change Tacoma

Oil Change Tacoma

  • Routine short trips (less than 8 miles, mainly during cold weather)
  • Stop-and-go city traffic driving
  • Operating your car in  dusty conditions, or on dirt and gravel roads, etc.
  • Driving at constant highway speeds during hot weather
  • Having your car towed.
  • Diesel or turbocharged car engines

These type of conditions normally  appear in the description of severe service driving.

AMRA/MAP advises that you read your car owner’s manual to locate the proper interval.

What about the 3000 mile oil change myth?

Think about  these facts:

  • Oil requires numerous additives and detergents to help prevent corrosion and dirt buildup
  • Additives allow oil to flow freely at really cold temperatures while also providing protection under very hot temperatures
  • Testing shows that at approximately  3000 miles the oil itself still lubricates, but the depletion of critical additives may no longer allow the oil to offer the same type of protection and benefits
  • Higher intervals may have benefits  the environment, but perhaps at the cost of your car’s  of engine life
  • Re-refined oils can provide an alternative for motorists with concerns about the environment
  • Re-refined oils use the remaining lubricating qualities of used oil, and replenish the diminished additives to create oils that meet the quality of new oil

The Right Oil Maintenance Helps Extend Car’s Engine  Life!

Your driving type or car usage may affect the maintenance intervals below.

You should follow the manufacturer’s service schedule that best matches your car’s operating conditions.

Those recommendations may include:

  • Change your car engine oil at the car’s manufacturer’s recommended service time that corresponds too  your car’s operating conditions and your driving abilities.
  • Check your tire inflation pressure at least once a month
  • Rotate your tires at the car’s manufacturer’s recommended service interval or every 6 months/5,000 miles
  • Change the engine air filter annually or when you notice that it is restricted
  • Check your  brakes  every 12 months/15,000 miles

All of these factors can effect your car’s need to change your oil, but when you do need to change your oil in Tacoma Washington make sure you bring it down to Phil’s Auto Care in Tacoma Washington.