Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light TacomaWhen you see a check engine light illuminated on the dash it can be intimidating. You may have noticed certain symptoms and suspect something, but without a check engine light diagnosis you won’t know for sure. A check engine light illuminating your Tacoma vehicle dash is indicating that a problem has been found. This is stored in a code, and at Phil’s Auto Care Inc we have the tools required to read them for the majority of vehicle makes and models.

Get so much more than code reading.

Hooking up your vehicle and reading the code from your check engine light is just the first step. Certain common problems can cause a check engine light, and the repair may be simple or complex. When your vehicle carries a check engine code the next step is a diagnosis. Our ASE certified mechanics perform targeted diagnoses. With exceptional training, hands-on experience, and continuing education that keeps them up to date on the latest year model cars and trucks, we know how these codes translate into affected vehicle performance, what symptoms they present, and what to investigate.

Certified Check Engine Light Repair

We don’t perform any repairs until we’ve confirmed the problem indicated by the check engine light. This ensures you don’t pay for unnecessary repairs. All of our work is warrantied, and our technicians use long-lasting replacement parts. Our mechanics will work within manufacturer guidelines to make sure your warranty remains intact.

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Waiting to determine the severity of a problem can cause issues to multiply. If your problem doesn’t require immediate repairs, our mechanics let you know. Our repair estimates are competitively affordable, so there’s no reason to wait any longer. Get a fast, accurate, and honest diagnosis and estimate. Don’t wait to find out why you have a check engine light on. Call or contact us now to schedule an appointment.