Tune Ups

Tune Ups TacomaRegular tune ups are a great way to keep your vehicle in top condition between scheduled maintenance checks. These safeguard against problems that can arise from dirty filters, plugs or fluids, and lesser problems like under-inflated tires. With a vehicle tune up in Tacoma, drivers can make sure their investment is properly maintained and that nothing gets overlooked by accident. At Phil’s Auto Care Inc our tune ups are designed to maintain performance, and catch problems before they cost you.

Get the tune up that’s right for your vehicle!

Different vehicles require different procedures, and we work on most makes and models. Whether you’ve got a truck or car, manual or automatic, vintage or modern, we’ve got you covered. All of our tune ups come with an in-depth point by point inspection. We’ll inspect the engine, belts, brakes, wiring, valves, check fluid levels and more. Depending on your vehicle tune up may include:

  • Spark plug check and replacement
  • Glow plug check and replacement
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Air filter replacement
  • Carburetor adjustment

  • Timing and idle setting
  • Fuel system cleaning
  • Tire inflation
  • Tire rotation
  • PCV valve inspection

Enjoy the benefits of an engine tune up in Tacoma today!

In addition to catching problems, tune ups make sure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible. Clogged filters and worn plugs can hurt your fuel efficiency and torque, robbing your vehicle of a speedy acceleration while costing you more. Vintage vehicle owners already know a tune up is the best way to restore the correct fuel to air ratio and keep their vehicle from running too rich or too lean. Inspections allow our technicians to catch any additional areas of wear in the engine so you can get repairs before you end up stranded.

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Tacoma drivers know our tune ups deliver customized services for their specific vehicle. Your car matters to you, where you get it tuned up should too. Call or contact us to schedule an appointment today!